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We know everyone's time is short. Learning about fish in your spare time during the week can help you make the most of your weekend. These topics include everything from fish biology, cleaning, cooking, fishing, and equipment. Our goal is to provide you the answer to your questions and get some background on fish before you head out!

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What Does Sturgeon Taste Like

What Does Sturgeon Taste Like?

The delicious taste of sturgeon is somewhat reminiscent of scallops, and its firm, meaty texture makes it a favorite among seafood enthusiasts. When cooked, it has a flakey consistency similar to halibut but firmer. Many people say sturgeon is like the moistest chicken breast they ever had, but you still know it is fish. The…

A Comprehensive Guide to Sturgeon Spawning

A Comprehensive Guide to Sturgeon Spawning

Spawning sturgeon is a natural process that has been occurring since the dinosaurs. For centuries, sturgeon have been an important part of our ecosystem and many other ecosystems around the world. This article will cover everything you need to know about sturgeon spawning including where they spawn, how they spawn, and when sturgeon spawn. What…

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What SizeColor Lures Are Best for Crappie

What Size/Color Lures Are Best for Crappie?

Crappies, in all their speckled goodness, are as elusive as they are tasty. Knowing where they abound is quite important, but knowing how to catch them is even trickier. With size, color, safety, and so many other factors to consider, how do you know what lures are best for crappie-fishing? The best size lures for…

What Scents Attract Crappie

What Scents Attract Crappie?

Crappie is the Louisiana state fish, named after the French word “crapet” meaning “any fish in the sunfish family.” Anglers seek these fish and wonder what role scent plays in their catch. Fish, crustaceans, and aquatic insect scents attract Crappie. Fish “smell” through nostrils or “nares” when water passes chemicals over sensory cells. Fish obtain…

Can You Use a Trout Rod for Crappie

Can You Use a Trout Rod for Crappie?

When catching crappie, many people think they need a long and heavy rod. The truth is, you can use just about any type of rod for catching crappie, including a trout rod. You can use a trout rod for crappie because it is light and sensitive, which allows you to feel even the smallest bite….

Are Crappie Line Shy

Are Crappie Line Shy?

Experienced anglers and casual recreationists alike love to fish for crappie. They are an abundant species and are spirited when on the hook. Catching and reeling them in can be challenging at times, which leads people to wonder if crappie are line shy. Crappie aren’t line shy, but they are smart enough to know that…

Can You Use a Trout Rod for Walleye

Can You Use a Trout Rod for Walleye?

Trout rods are excellent fishing equipment. They fetch a good amount of trout on most fishing days, but can they still be useful if you switch to fishing for walleye?  You can use a trout rod to catch walleye. On average, trout are half the size of an average walleye. However, trout are true fighters,…

What SizeColor Lures Are Best for Walleye

What Size and Color Lures Are Best for Walleye?

Because of their mild yet delicious taste, walleyes are a well-sought-after freshwater species among anglers. Their characteristic large glassy eyes make them easy to identify, making them an easy option. Catching walleye will require you to not only have decent fishing skills but also to know what sizes and colors of lures are best for…