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What Does Sturgeon Taste Like

What Does Sturgeon Taste Like?

The delicious taste of sturgeon is somewhat reminiscent of scallops, and its firm, meaty texture makes it a favorite among seafood enthusiasts. When cooked, it has a flakey consistency similar to halibut but firmer. Many people say sturgeon is like the moistest chicken breast they ever had, but you still know it is fish. The…

A Comprehensive Guide to Sturgeon Spawning

A Comprehensive Guide to Sturgeon Spawning

Spawning sturgeon is a natural process that has been occurring since the dinosaurs. For centuries, sturgeon have been an important part of our ecosystem and many other ecosystems around the world. This article will cover everything you need to know about sturgeon spawning including where they spawn, how they spawn, and when sturgeon spawn. What…

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Scott holding up a walleye for a closeup photo

Why Don’t Walleye Fight

The walleye is a freshwater fish found in many large lakes across the United States and Canada. It’s one of the most popular sport fish in North America, and you are guaranteed to find a great restaurant dedicated to the culinary delights of this tasty fish. Luckily, if you’re an angler, you don’t have to…

Do You Need a Steel Leader To Catch Walleye

Do You Need a Steel Leader To Catch Walleye?

Countless factors go into having a successful fishing trip – the condition of the water, type of lure, bait, and much more. However, without a doubt, the correct tackle is essential to a successful excursion. And if you’re looking to catch the line-shy walleye, you’ll want to ensure your equipment is spot on. You do…

How Many Crappie Minnows in a Pound_

How Many Crappie Minnows in a Pound?

The fact remains; anglers use live minnows as crappie baits since these fish enjoy eating the bait. Most crappie minnow vendors sell them by the scoop, pound, or gallon. As a concerned angler, you may want to know how many crappie minnows you’ll get in a pound to estimate your bait supply. There are 40…

Are Wax Worms Good for Crappie

Are Wax Worms Good for Crappie?

Using the right bait is an excellent way to increase your chances of catching crappie. Wax worms are among the most popular live baits due to their creamy internals that emits a smell that attracts fish. Although most anglers use wax worms for fishing, you may not want to go that way without being sure…

What Size Crappie To Mount

What Size Crappie To Mount?

You just caught the biggest crappie of your life and are excited to mount it on your wall, but you don’t want to mount a fish that’s too small. Determining if a fish is big enough to mount on your mantelpiece can be challenging—especially if you’re a new angler. Accounting for size ranges for male…

Can You Use Crappie As Bait

Can You Use Crappie As Bait?

Crappie are a highly sought-after fish. Not only are they considered game fish in much of North America, but they’re renowned for their taste and the healthy fat their meat contains. But what do the rules and regulations in each state say when it comes to using crappie as bait? In most of the United…